When a patient has lost some of the bone and tissue supporting the teeth because of severe gum disease, Dr. Waleed Rhebi may recommend a regeneration procedure in Center Line, Michigan. During the procedure, our periodontist will fold back the gum tissue and remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar. If needed, a bone graft may then be performed to stimulate new bone growth. A protein that stimulates tissue growth may also be used. This will repair areas that have been destroyed by gum disease.

If a bone graft is used, holes in the bone will be filled with grafting material. The material is then covered with a physical barrier. Once the graft is in place, the gums are put back in place and stitched into place. During the next six to nine months, your body will fill the area with new bone and soft tissue. This restores the tooth’s support.

If a soft-tissue graft is needed, gum tissue is taken from another area of the mouth and then stitched to the gum tissue by the exposed tooth root. Tissue-stimulating proteins can also be used to encourage your body to grow more tissue.

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