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By brushing and flossing, you are not only keeping your teeth clean, you are warding off gum disease. However, if you grow lax about it, you can increase your chances of getting the disease. When it comes, it can make your life uncomfortable, to put it lightly. The question is, how can you tell if you have gum disease?

You can try asking yourself these questions to judge whether you have gum disease:

1. When you observe your gums, do they seem to be swollen? Are they colored red instead of pink, and do they feel tender to you?

2. Do your teeth feel and seem to be loose? Likewise, do they seem to be moving out of alignment and not matching up like they used to?

3. Do your gums seem to be receding, meaning they are pulling away from your teeth?

4. Whenever you brush or floss, do they seem to bleed a good deal of the time?

5. Do you notice that pus seems to be building up between your gums and your teeth?

6. Do you have a bad taste or even a case of bad breath that just does not want to go away?

If you answer yes to these questions, we can help you here at Eastside Implants & Periodontics in Center Line, Michigan. Our dentist, Dr. Waleed Rhebi, and our team has some treatments that deal with gum disease, and we can help you beat it back and help you avoid getting it again. To schedule an appointment, call 586-757-5454, and we will get things set up for you.