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Can you recognize any signs of gum disease in your smile? Formally referred to as periodontal disease, this common gum infection targets the gum tissue. Gum disease typically occurs in patients who have ineffective oral hygiene habits, but additional gum disease factors include age, changes in hormones, genetics, and bad habits such as smoking. Knowing the symptoms of gum disease will alert you to the need to seek periodontal treatment.

You can help prevent gum disease by examining your smile for any signs of developing gum irritation. Undiagnosed gum disease can progress from initial gingivitis to severe infection and tooth loss. Contact Eastside Implants & Periodontics right away if you notice that your oral health, especially your gums, have changed in any way.

Be aware of the development of swollen, red, or bleeding gums, which tend to be the first sign that there is a problem occurring in your smile. Gums that bleed easily or look as though they are pulling away from your teeth are a good indication of the presence of gum disease. You may also experience chronic bad breath or feels as though your teeth are loose and shifting. These are all signs you would benefit from a visit with our dentist.

Dr. Waleed Rhebi and our team at Eastside Implants & Periodontics are committed to providing properly periodontal treatment for our patients’ specific needs. If you suspect you have gum disease in Center Line, Michigan, give us a call at 586-757-5454 today.