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Conquer stress with dental sedation. As with all methods of sedation, the main benefit that most patients are looking for is to conquer stress. Dental anxiety is common for many people, so mild sedatives are often used to help relax a patient when necessary. For more advanced treatments that may require putting a person to sleep, various sedatives and dosages can be altered and adjusted as necessary.

For mild sedation, gas is often the go-to choice. Laughing gas, a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide, has been proven to be extremely beneficial for those seeking mild sedation, In addition, laughing gas has no long term effects and wears off quickly, allowing the patient to safely drive themselves home without additional aid.

For deeper sedation methods, oral sedatives and intravenous sedatives can be used. Oral sedatives take a while to work while those given directly into your bloodstream are almost immediate. Depending on the dosage, a patient may experience a mild relaxation up to a complete sleep. For a deep sleep that is guaranteed to keep a person unconscious, anesthesia and deep sedation methods can be given.

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